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Igniting Ideas, Crafting Success: We Create a Community of Enthusiastic & Creative Minds

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Seize Global Expansion: Collaborate with Us to Efficiently Lower Customer Acquisition Costs and Amplify Business Results!

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We are constantly exploring and leveraging the best online marketing resources to help advertisers obtain high-quality overseas traffic and users.Through market research, competitor analysis, intelligent matching, and one-to-one customized marketing solutions, we comprehensively promote our clients to go overseas.

Advertising Placement Services

We provide advertising account top-up and placement services for Facebook, TikTok, Native, Google, and other mainstream overseas media platforms. 

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The Lumos team is comprised of experienced professionals who excel in market research, competitor analysis,intelligent matching, and one-on-one customized marketing strategies.

We comprehensively drive our clients towards overseas expansion.

business growth

We provide comprehensive services for brands looking to expand globally, including market research, brand positioning, marketing strategy, product design, supply chain management, cross-border logistics, website construction, product promotion, and operation. Our services aim to assist brand owners in creating high-quality products and brand images, and through global market channels, achieve rapid sales growth and expansion.

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Our goal is to create a comprehensive one-stop overseas marketing service system,

ultimately achieving a win-win situation for our team and global businesses venturing into new markets.

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